Our services

Aircraft maintenance is one of the core services of our growing business. It is a reflection of our operational excellence, certified to European EASA PART-145 standards. All of our maintenance work is carried out using the latest infrastructure and equipment.

With activity centres in La Chaux-de-Fonds “Les Eplatures Airport” and Colombier “Neuchâtel Airport”, we are strategically well positioned in Europe in relation to countries such as France, Germany, Austria or Italy. Our affiliation to the IFR-equipped international airport of Les Eplatures allows us to offer our private, business and commercial aviation customers the only permanent aviation platform in the Franco-Swiss Jura. An invaluable asset that provides our customers with the opportunity to connect hundreds of interesting European airports.

In addition to our experience in aeronautical maintenance, repair and overhaul of light aircraft to ensure the safety of the aircraft entrusted to us, we guarantee a specific, specialized and personalized maintenance capacity for single and multi-engine aircraft as well as the installation and modification of electrical and avionics systems.

Our values

The passion for aircraft and everything to do with them is the cornerstone of our group. We therefore have the privilege of carrying out professional activities on a daily basis that we consider particularly rewarding.

A team of specialists, experts and qualified, take turns to ensure the reliable maintenance of many types of aircraft and to offer unforgettable moments to their users, in complete safety.

A constant passion for detail allows us to increase the lifespan of our aircraft and perpetuate their performance.

To make life easier for our customers, we offer responsiveness in all circumstances.

Our Team

Our team is made up of seasoned aeronautical professionals, all at your service:

Accountable Manager

Quality Manager

Maintenance Manager

Technical Manager (2)

Technicians (4)

Logistic Manager

Administration and HR Manager

Accounts Manager

Aviation Avionics and Systems modification expert

If necessary, our team of aeronautical technicians can intervene quickly to carry out a breakdown service directly on the spot thanks to our fully equipped breakdown vehicle.

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